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“Ballet Arts Society” is established.

An energetic and generous group of individuals have come forward to become involved in various aspects of the BAA. The artistic excellence of the Academy is now well established and “The Ballet Arts Society” aims to develop, maintain, and enhance the practical and aesthetic aspects of the Academy as this cultural and educational center in the heart of Waldorf flourishes. Contributions of time and energy directed toward the ongoing restoration, renovation and beautification of the Waldorf School, and private and public sponsorship and funding for student scholarships and full length ballets through grants and fundraising events are the main objectives of this organization. With the eventual founding of the BAA’s own regional performing ballet company, the Ballet Arts Society will serve as a wing of the Academy and will be an important, active, and respected entity in our cultural community. All lovers of ballet and the arts are invited to join. Please check the front desk for more information about becoming a member of the Ballet Arts Society and a “VIP”!