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Oscar Hawkins Artistic Director/Ballet Master

Congratulations BAA Students, Staff and Parents!

The Performance at the CSM LA Plata Fine Arts Center was a testiment to the hard work and love that we all share for Classical Ballet. Every student showed what we have been working on in our classes this year at the BAA and with performance came even more experience and improvement.

The costumes from the Kirov Ballet were stunning on our little ones but dulled in comparison to the wonderful technique and discipline they all displayed. As I watched them breathe life into the CSM stage, I thought what an amazing group of little pioneers forging their way to the future and assuring that Classical Ballet will have a voice here in Southern Maryland.

The Ballet Arts Society of the BAA also acted were responsible for keeping every child attended and fed, as well as dressed and ready for their big day. BAA is so blessed to have such support back stage as we send our kids from the wings to the spot lights.

I would like to just thank everyone for working together and making our first spring performance at CSM successful.

I look forward to continue our stride towards excellence and education in the art of dance.

I am very excited to begin new placements for some of our kids moving to different level classes. There will be a sign up sheet in the BAA lobby for parents to schedule a time to meet with me about their child's current assessment.

Bravo Kids!


Oscar C. Hawkins
Artistic Director