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Oscar Hawkins Artistic Director/Ballet Master

Dear BAA Parents,

We would like to remind of you of BAAís student safety sign-out policy for the beginning and end of each class.

Please bring your student into the school where you will find the sign-in/sign-out sheet on the entryway table.

As your student signs herself/himself into class, please note that there is a space for comments beside each studentís name.

You may leave a class time contact phone number, or any other notes if you wish in the comment space beside your studentís name.

At the end of class please come into the building to sign your student out of class with your signature.

If there are plans for your student to leave the school with an adult other a parent, please bring a signed note with the specific pre- or post-class arrangements
(accompanying adult, date, etc.) when signing your student into class that day.

Please provide street clothes for your student to change into or wear over their class attire when entering and exiting the school.

Please encourage your student to wait inside the entryway or lounge after class in their street clothes until you arrive for her/him.

Please help your student be aware that, in these autumn and winter months, she/he is difficult to see in dark, hooded outerwear in the parking area as drivers are leaving the parking lot.

Thank you for assisting us in observing and practicing these important safety measures to ensure the well being of all BAA students.


BAA staff